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We built our solutions by closely listening to our clientele and understanding their expectations with our products and services. We understand the life cycle of a legal matter and have experts and proven tools  in place to assist with filings, data collections, records retrieval, eDiscovery, court reporting and depositions, and traditional paper discovery solutions. 

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Forensic Data Collections

Acquiring digital evidence can be a daunting task.  Whether its a single email account, cell phone or all of the computers in a large corporation having the right expertise matters.  It’s imperative it be collected in a defensible forensic manner.  Why does it matter?  If a document, email, database or folder can be read, then what is the worry?   Defensibility is key, if it isn't defensible, it may not be admissible.

Our team of experts use proven and defensible tools and workflows to ensure complete and defensible collections and data analysis.  

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Hosted Review

We provide hosting, project management, and technical support for Relativity One, Ipro Review, Venio, and hosted CaseMap Suite.  We understand that choice is a virtue and that one size doesn't always fit all.  Depending on preference, project particulars, and budget, we can assist in getting your data ready for review, your team trained, and keep your project on time and budget.

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Traditional Discovery

Our imaging and reprographic team provide document copy, print, and scan services.  Whether trial binders, hard copy conversion, oversize prints, trial demonstrative poster boards, our team of professionals have you covered.  Call for a project quote.


Depositions & Court Reporting

Experience, accuracy, and professionalism make all the difference.  Our team of schedulers will match you with the best reporter for your matter.

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Data Processing

Simply put, data processing is the process of preparing collected documents for import into a review platform.  With the variety of types and volumes of data and the vast number of different review platforms and methodologies, data processing can be anything but simple.  EDS has created proprietary processes and workflows to efficiently process any data set in the most cost-effective manner.

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Subpoena & Records Retrieval

Our team of dedicated professionals prepare and serve your subpoenas and retrieve records from facilities throughout the country.  Our team follows up regularly and will keep you up to date on the status of your order.